Smart Biz

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been improving my online ‘side hustle’.

It’s now modestly profitable ūüôā

Nothing too life changing but steady improvement over time.

Smart Biz is a curation of the best bits…

Working full-time means this endeavor has to fit in when it can.

Meaning sometimes I don’t work this business for 3 or 4 days…

This is semi-passive income.

Business Model

Affiliate Marketing – As an affiliate, I have one advantage over product vendors…

I’m not tied to promoting any one product, company or solution. I’m free to choose what I consider to be ‘best of breed’.

I earn money by being paid¬†commissions for promoting ‘best of breed’ solutions to people with the need or desire for it…

It’s simply about connecting people with a need to the place they can satisfy it…

Affiliate marketing is a very low cost, fast, business model for people to implement. With no product development,¬†inventory, or customer service It’s very low risk and can be run part-time.

It’s not easy though ūüė¶

Most that try it fail!

I don’t believe it has to be this way though ūüôā


My Strategy…

Don’t re-invent the wheel this business has been run successfully by thousands before me…

  1. Pick a niche or topic (I’m interested in ways to semi-automate the earning of supplementary¬†income)
  2. Identify people with a similar interest.
  3. Build an email list of these people and…
  4. Try my hardest to help them by sharing ‘stuff’ that works for me.

When I say ‘stuff’ I mean techniques, tips, tools & services. It must be good, it must help.

Help first.


Getting Started Profitably

For those looking to get started my advice would be that after selecting your niche invest your time in finding popular quality products that you can promote as an affiliate.

To succeed as an affiliate you need two things…

  1. Visitors …people that click on your affiliate links.
  2. Conversions – people that buy the products.

You don’t need a lot of traffic either if the product¬†is¬†good and the traffic highly targeted.

My most profitable campaigns are what I call ‘sniper’ campaigns aimed very specifically at people who are near the point of purchasing…

People who have acknowledged their needs, researched the market, identified possible solutions, and are starting to sort out the specific products.

People looking to read product reviews and comparisons¬†are known as ‘buyer traffic’…

The holy grail for affiliate marketers.














Leadpages Alternative ‚Äď Lower Cost More Flexibility

Leadpages Is Great …But
If You Use WordPress There’s
A Better Alternative…¬†

Leadpages is a hosted solution meaning you don’t need a website to use it. However if you have a WordPress website you now have a great alternative…

Thrive Architect the WordPress Alternative To Leadpages

Top 4 Benefits for You



Thrive Architect starts at $67 one time fee including lifetime updates for a single site licence. Standard Leadpages starts at $300 a year, so there is a large price gap. Check out Thrives pricing table here….


The Thrive Ecosystem of Conversion Focused Products

Thrive offers a full ecosystem of integrated WordPress Themes and plugins which can ALL be yours through the Thrive Membership Package ($228 per year). Click here to see what’s included with Thrive Membership…


¬†Embarrassing List of UNIQUE Features…

Only true ‘in-line editor’ (though the others are all working on this one) which is vital for creating long-form content rich post or pages. Best Mobile editing interface, breadcrumb system to enable more detailed editing of every element, and a growing library of free page template ‘sets’.


 Thrive University

Thrive Architect comes with lots of video training, but also gives you free access to Thrive University which provides detailed training courses on business topics such as list building and copy-writing. This training is great ¬†….want proof? check out Thrive University for yourself here…

But¬†Leadpages has some advantages…


 Lead digets 

Allows you to capture email addresses and phone numbers through SMS text messaging.


 Facebook Integration

Enables publishing of landing pages right inside your Facebook pages.

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